GolfIN Team




We had been seeking a better way to help amateur golfers improve their performances for a long time.  With experienced staff and well-organized programs, all we needed was high-tech golf devices and space where we can work intensively by measuring and tracking golf performance.  Our strong desire for golf technologies enabled us to launch GolfIN Team, the first indoor practice and play facility in town.  


GolfIN stands for Golf Innovation, Golf Insight, and Golf Integrity while creating teamwork.  Based on innovation through advanced technologies, insight through consistent research, and integrity through professionalism, GolfIN Team offers "the most efficient and effective way to practice golf". 

We work with serious golfers who pursue both performance and the fun factor of golf.   Unlike simple social golfers, these golfers are highly interested in golf lessons, golf gears, training aids, as well as watching the golf channel.  Importantly, these golfers tend to seek a more scientific golf instruction approach, which exactly matches with what GolfIN Team offers.


We are ready to meet you!

Let us work together for you to speed up the learning process and truly enjoy the game of golf! 


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