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Ambient Communities is a real estate development company specializing in the planning, development and construction of new homes, multifamily and mixed-use communities as well as commercial destinations and sustainability projects. Founded in 2011 with decades of collective experience, their approach to determining the best land use, resolving property issues, addressing complex environmental concerns and enhancing neighborhoods result in the creation of exceptional places.

Each project is planned with a sense of place and purpose reflective of the local area. Home and building designs integrate within the landscape, are respectful of the environment and are thoughtfully laid out.

Imagination, creative problem-solving and meticulous oversight set Ambient Communities apart. They are respected and recognized for their work in residential and commercial developments. Their relationships with industry experts who share their core values of integrity, innovation and community assures the highest level of quality from concept through construction.


We are focused on resolving property issues, honoring the environment in sensitive and meaningful ways, serving others above ourselves and enhancing communities. We accomplish this by:

  • Embracing each project's unique circumstances.
  • Delivering a quality product.
  • Encouraging people.
  • Building credible and trustworthy relationships.


The Southwest is our home and it is where we do business. Its scenery changes from mountains, farmland, desert to the ocean; each varied, distinctive and beautiful in its own way. We choose our projects carefully. We are not interested in recreating what we have built before, rather, we take our inspiration from the land, the surrounding community and the intended purpose. 


In addition to our vision and inspiration, our strengths build upon each other, resulting in the thoughtful development, community engagement and collaboration: 

  • Create mutually beneficial projects.
  • Employ flexible and creative approaches.
  • Form strategic financing solutions.
  • Develop extensive relationship networks.


2019 Urban Development Of The Year - Righetti

Association of Civil Engineers Los Angeles Chapter recognized Righetti as the Urban Development of the Year.

This award recognizes projects whose primary focus is on urban or land development or redevelopment design / construction, including infill projects and brownfields, which showcases advances and/or innovation in design and that provide value and benefit to the community.  This includes implementation of new methods, sustainable development designs / methods and materials, improvements on existing methods and materials, and/or incorporation of emerging technology. 


We are always looking for talent. Ambient Communities is a value-based organization focused on entitlements, land development and residential housing solutions.  

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Business Hours : Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm


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