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Certified is the largest distributor of visitor information in the world—from promotional brochures and travel guides to digital displays and web applications.

Celebrating Over 120 Years:

In 1899, the partners heading up the Peck Judah Travel Agency in San Francisco conceived a plan to place railroad timetables and brochure display racks in major hotels all over the West. Serviced by reliable men, these towering oak displays were round-the-clock information centers for the traveling public.

This simple distribution network was acquired in 1960 by John W. Fearn, who changed the name to Certified Folder Display Service (because each location is “certified” in writing by a location official) and started the long and difficult process of expanding this network from fewer than 100 locations to over 22,000 locations today.

In 2019, Certified proudly celebrated a 120 year history (1899-2019) of providing visitor information to the traveling public.

The Most Extensive Coverage Throughout the West:

Millions of visitors and travelers use Certified’s 22,000 brochure display racks annually throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arkansas, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Louisiana, South Dakota, British Columbia and Alberta.

Serving Both Advertisers and Visitors:

With over 22,000 visitor information display racks on location throughout the Western and Central United States as well as Western Canada, our display racks supply the visitors with helpful information on things to see and do both locally and regionally.

In 2000, Certified expanded operations into Canada with the acquisition of two distribution companies, Vancouver Island Tourist Services and Inter-West Marketing, both based in British Columbia. Today, Certified Folder Display Service Canada, Inc. maintains offices in Victoria and Vancouver (Surrey).

Headquartered in Vista, California, Certified is proud of its legacy as the oldest and largest professional brochure distribution service in North America, serving advertisers, display rack locations, and visitors since 1899!

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