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We Preserve Your Precious Legacy With Custom Metal Photography Panels

Save Your Legacy is a group of people who believe your family images from photography have meaning. Photos of family members, special moments, historic moments, sports, school, a cute picture of your daughter in your dancing shoes, etc, should be preserved and shown, not put in hiding. From people, who have had those boxes in the garage and got the important meaningful pictures out. We will do our best to do the same for you– to treat your unforgettable moments with respect and preservation.


One of the worst enemies of a photograph is time. It can take your image and make it disappear. Save Your Legacy would like for your special images of past, present and future to be preserved and turned into a family heirloom that can be passed on or viewed for decades to come. We want to save your precious memories from:

  • Yellowing (older and some newer album pages have acids that will yellow your images)
  •  Tears (when handling photos, accidents can happen)
  • Water Damage (this can happen anytime with flooding, a roof leak, or simply spilling a glass of water on a photo)
  • Stains (there are many things around images every day, such as, drinks, food, children, pets, weather. Any of these can leave a nasty stain or mark on your photograph.)
  • Bends (handling photos too much by anyone or putting them into an album/frame)
  • Disappearing into a box out in the garage, hidden on your hard drive or simply being lost.

Your Legacy images should be proudly displayed and be lighting up your world for all to see without you worrying about the images’ condition.


Email a photograph. We can enhance it if necessary. Remove red eye, spots and blemishes. enhance the resolution, bring the true color out (if faded). This applies to black and white, as well as color. Text, sentences, logos, symbols or a frame can be added. The image is then transferred into metal. This process helps to enhance color that is stunning and makes the image extremely more durable. With the best photography Ink or dies and the best photo paper, images only last about 60 years.

Save Your Legacy will help you save them for over 200 years.

Consider these occasions:

  • Weddings
  • Military
  • Graduation
  • Family portraits
  • Births
  • Baptism
  • Car Clubs
  • Biker Clubs
  • Sports Moments

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