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Avensole Winery

Avensole Winery




"When we first saw Avensole in 2013, we fell in love with the hilltop location, the view across the valley, and the park-like area that greets you on entrance. We hope you will "discover" Avensole like we did, and that you will enjoy our wines and fare. Most of all, we hope that when you head home after a day at Avensole, you will say that you had a truly memorable experience and that you can't wait to return." - The Lytton Family

Our Story:

For every adventure, there is discovery, for every unique place, there is a story. This is ours.

Vineyards and wine making are by no means new to Temecula. Wine making began at Mission San Diego de Alcala in 1769 and has continued ever since. By the 19th century the majority of wine came from Southern California before eventually being surpassed by the explosion of the Northern California wine industry.

In the 1960s Temecula Valley led the way to a revival of vine culture in Southern California, driven by the unique climate that kisses this area. The mountain passes that lead into Temecula Valley provide a gateway for cool, moist ocean breezes. This microclimate is perfect for producing the rich fruity grapes that Temecula is known for.

Avensole Winery is especially rich in the history of Southern California wine making. The property was first planted with wine grapes in 1969 by wine making pioneer Vince Cilurzo, who introduced Petite Syrah and Chenin Blanc. Development of the Avensole vineyard was completed in 1986 by Bud Van Roekel, who planted Muscat Canelli, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel. It was Bud’s goal to spare no expense to produce the finest grapes in California. We think he succeeded, and that the grapes produced by our vineyard are the finest in Temecula, and some of the very best in all of California. Great fruit – as grapes are called in our industry – is what allows us to produce great wines.

There are now over 40 licensed wineries and 70 growers that farm vineyards throughout the Temecula Valley. The wines produced from our appellation are winning awards in California, across the United States, and even in France itself. Those wines, together with Temecula’s magnificent climate and beautiful vistas, attract visitors from all over the world. Those are the elements that attracted us and brought us to Temecula.

We first saw the winery in 2013, and almost immediately fell in love with the sprawling hilltop estate and fantastic views across Temecula Wine Country. In 2014, joined by my sister, Maribeth Lytton (Levine), we purchased the winery (then known as Van Roekel), and renamed it Avensole, a word comprised of “avventura” (Italian for adventure) and “sole” (for “one of a kind” or “matchless”). With the philosophy that discovery and adventure make life meaningful, we decided to make Avensole our greatest adventure of all.

My wife, Susan Lytton, is an interior designer. She grew up in the South, primarily Augusta, Georgia, among her many credits is the design and refurbishment of the home of President and Mrs. Eisenhower at the Augusta National Golf Course. So if the décor of Avensole makes you think you might be somewhere in the South, now you know the reason why.

My sister, Maribeth, is not only an experienced designer who has also left her mark on Avensole, but a concert pianist and graduate of Julliard.

I started out as a writer of westerns for television, and then became a lawyer. Over my years in the legal profession, I have practiced in two giant law firms, and one small firm (my own). I also spent some time in government, serving as the Assistant Attorney General (California) and then as Chief of Staff to the Lt. Governor; somewhere in between, I served as the President and Chief Operating Officer of a motion picture production company affiliated with Universal Studios.

We are very, very proud of Avensole, and want to share it with you. We want you to try our wines – which we think are made from the finest grapes in Temecula and taste like it – and hope that you will sample the offerings in our restaurant. It is our fondest wish that, after you spend an afternoon (or many afternoons) with us, your thoughts on the way home will be about your next visit to Avensole.

In the meantime, welcome.

"Nestled along the scenic Rancho California Road ridgeline, Avensole Winery's sprawling vineyard estate has been producing some of Temecula's finest grapes for more than four decades. Avensole is now using these grapes to craft some of Temecula's best wines. We are committed to continuing this tradition of crafting premium wines and offering distinctive cuisine in our restaurant. We hope you have experienced and enjoyed some of our wine and cuisine and that you will return soon to discover even more." - The Lytton Family

Our Wine:

Temecula’s climate is one of sunny days, evenings cooled by breezes and moisture from the Pacific Ocean only a few miles away. This microclimate is perfect for producing the rich, flavorful grapes that allow Avensole Winery to make the fine varietals and unique blends that can be found in the Avensole tasting room. Avensole wines are made in a New World California style with a focus on Zinfandel which is used to craft some of our favorite proprietary blends.

Our Vineyard Has 20 Acres Of Vines. Estate Varietals Grown:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Muscat Canelli
  • Old Vine Zinfandel
  • "Heritage" Zinfandel
  • Gewürztraminer



Jessica Nielsen
General Manager

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