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Advocating for Business in the Heart of California

Advocating for Business in the Heart of California

Highlights from Our Annual Sacramento Trip in May 2024

Each year, a select group of business leaders and entrepreneurs from Temecula and its nearby cities, visit Sacramento to bridge the gap between business and legislative action. This annual pilgrimage, organized by the Southwest California Legislative Council (SWCLC), represents a critical moment for dialogue, advocacy, and change. The 2024 trip to Sacramento was no exception.

United Chambers for a Common Cause

This year three of the five Chambers of Commerce under the SWCLC umbrella — Temecula, Lake Elsinore, and Murrieta/Wildomar – participated in significant discussions, networking events, and legislative visits. This collaborative effort underscores the shared commitment among these chambers to address the issues affecting their member businesses directly with state legislators. It's a testament to the power of unity and collective voice in the pursuit of a more business-friendly legislative environment.

Voicing Concerns Directly to Legislators

The agenda included visits to six legislators who are instrumental in shaping the business landscape of California.

California State Senators:

California State Assemblymembers:

The SWCLC, led by Legislative Consultant Chris Collier, ensured that the voices of business owners and executives were heard loud and clear. The discussions ranged from increases in minimum wage at franchise fast-food restaurants, pending wage increases in hospitals, and concerns over retail theft to the support for higher education projects vital for the growth of Southwest Riverside County and opposition to restrictions on employer-employee communication.

The 2024 Sacramento trip was an important way to engage with legislators, offering a direct line to those in the position to effect change. For businesses back home, it represents both hope and action in addressing the challenges they face every day.

Gaining Insight and Networking Opportunities

The itinerary also included attending the CalChamber Capitol Summit, a gathering that offered invaluable insights into the state's economy from Dr. Chris Thornberg of Beacon Economics and emphasized the importance of empowering small businesses through a panel discussion. Perhaps equally pivotal were the networking opportunities at the Host Reception at the Sutter Club in downtown Sacramento and the Sacramento Host Breakfast. These gatherings provided the rare chance to connect with local legislators, CalChamber Board executives, and the broader business community in an informal setting, facilitating relationships that could pave the way for future collaboration and advocacy.

A Conversation with Governor Gavin Newsom

A highlight of the trip was the Sacramento Host Breakfast at the Convention Center, featuring a Q&A with California Gov. Gavin Newson. CalChamber President/CEO, Jennifer Barrera, moderated the discussion, covering critical topics including the state budget, retail theft, homelessness, and the economic contributions of small businesses. This interaction allowed the SWCLC delegation to gain direct insight into the Governor's vision and priorities, rounding out an impactful visit with a statewide perspective. The CalChamber provided an article and video of the Governor’s presentation, which can be viewed by clicking here

What This Means for Business Owners

For business owners, the annual trip to Sacramento undertaken by the SWCLC is a vital endeavor. It's more than a series of meetings; it's an active fight for a business environment where companies can thrive untethered by overly burdensome regulations. The discussions held, and the connections forged during this trip, play a crucial role in shaping a legislative landscape that recognizes and supports the backbone of California's economy — its businesses, both big and small.

In essence, the SWCLC's annual Sacramento trip is a reminder that business owners are not alone in their challenges. There's a community ready to advocate, support, and work towards a future where businesses can flourish, innovate, and continue to drive California forward. The path ahead requires continuous engagement, vigilance, and collaboration, but together, it's a journey worth taking for the prosperity of our businesses and the communities they serve.

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