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Celebrating Influential Women of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Board

Celebrating Influential Women of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Board

March is National Women's History Month, a time when we celebrate the contributions and achievements of women throughout history and contemporary society.

In the spirit of this significant month, we turn the spotlight to the remarkable women on the Executive Board of the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce (TVCC). These women have not only contributed to the economic vitality of the region through their businesses but have also left indelible marks on the community through their advocacy, mentorship, and philanthropy.

Kim Kelliher, Chairman of the Board

Kim Kelliher is a trailblazer and a testament to female leadership in the Temecula Valley. As the Co-Founder/President of Grapeline Wine Tours and Stryder Transportation, she has demonstrated a commitment to sustainable tourism and local economic development. Under her leadership, the company has flourished, becoming an emblem of local pride and an essential experience for wine enthusiasts visiting Temecula and beyond.

Kim's journalistic instincts may have led her to uncover stories, but today, she is creating a narrative of success and community engagement that is nothing short of inspiring. With accolades like the TVCC 2009 Citizen of the Year Award and recognizing her commitment to community service, Kim Kelliher is a pillar of the Valley's continuous growth and spirit.

Jackie Steed, 1st Vice Chair of the Board

Jackie Steed's dedication to the community is as evident as her real estate expertise and as a premier real estate agent at Big Block Realty, Inc. Her long list of accolades from within the Chamber, including the TVCC Chairman's Choice Awards in both 2018 and 2022, speaks volumes to her hard work and dedication. Jackie's role in various nonprofits, such as Habitat for Humanity, and her position as a city commissioner reflect her enduring commitment to fostering community development and supporting the place she calls home.

Esther Phahla, CPA, CTS, MST, 2nd Vice Chair of the Board

A master of numbers and accounting, Esther Phahla wears many hats as a CPA and Certified Tax Specialist, bringing invaluable fiscal insight and guidance to the TVCC. Behind her every actionable strategy lies a concern for the community's economic well-being. The 2013 Sterling Business of the Year for Esther N. Phahla, CPA, APC, and the 2021 Chairman's Choice Awards commemorate her service, marking her as a beacon for aspiring professionals in the Temecula Valley.

Tammy Marine, Secretary of the Board

Tammy Marine's extensive non-profit sector experience encompasses over two decades of selfless service to the community at Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley. With recognition like the TVCC Emerald Organization of the Year Award, Tammy has proven that passion and perseverance can yield incredible transformations. Her role at the helm of non-profit organizations reflects her deep-seated belief in serving others, both professionally and in volunteer capacities, such as teaching at Michelle's Place Cancer Resource Center.

True Role Models

These women don't just stand at the forefront of the TVCC; they are the heart and soul of Temecula Valley's community-centric culture. Their influences weave through the fabric of local businesses, community events, and charitable causes, empowering lives and bettering the economic and social landscapes of the region.

These women stand as role models and reminders of the power females hold within our society. The Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Board's women humbly demonstrates the empowering role women play in shaping the future of industries and communities alike.

In honor of National Women's History Month, we applaud the efforts and celebrate the successes of Kim Kelliher, Jackie Steed, Esther Phahla, and Tammy Marine. Their unwavering dedication and uplifting impact continue to enrich the vibrant history and promising future of Temecula Valley. For these leading ladies, the narrative is far from over; it's an exciting chapter of women making history, right here in our own backyards.

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