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Key Insights from the January Southwest California Legislative Council Meeting

Key Insights from the January Southwest California Legislative Council Meeting

January's meeting of the SWCLC brought forward pertinent discussions that are shaping the outlook for the region's future.

Presentation by David Knudsen

David Knudsen of the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) highlighted the importance of Measure A, the 1/2 cent tax increase in Riverside County supporting transportation developments. A pivotal point of his presentation was the introduction of the RCTC's Traffic Relief Draft Plan slated for 2024, which promises a range of projects aimed at easing traffic congestion. Among these, the expansion of lanes on the I-15 freeway and the extension of commuter bus services mark significant attempts to reshape transportation in the county. Get more information and submit your feedback on RCTC's Traffic Relief Plan.

2024 Calendar

The Legislative Council's proactive approach was evident as they laid out the 2024 Legislative Calendar. Aligning their meeting schedule with key legislative dates, facilitates informed and timely decision-making processes on bills and allows stakeholders to express their positions effectively. To see the SWCLC meeting dates, please visit Home | SWCLC (

Proposition 1: The March 5, 2024 Ballot

The council discussed the implications of Prop 1, which seeks to authorize $6.4 billion in bonds for constructing mental health treatment facilities and providing housing for the homeless. It's crucial for organizations and legislators to weigh the pros and cons thoughtfully, as opinions are currently split on the matter. 

Governor’s Proposed Budget

With a reported $58 billion budget shortfall, the governor's proposed budget cuts were a major concern. There's apprehension surrounding how these fiscal adjustments will trickle down and affect community services and projects. Learn more

2-Year Bill Review

Finally, the council revisited bills carried over from 2023. While some legislation like AB 1000, which proposed restrictions on warehouse constructions has died, vigilance is needed to monitor new bills that may arise to replace it. The council coined such legislation as potential 'job killers,' indicating a need for a strategic response to ensure legislative action aligns with the economic interests of the region's businesses and communities.


The January meeting of the Southwest California Legislative Council underscored the vitality of staying attuned to legislative developments. For business professionals within the community, this meeting was not just a monthly gathering but a beacon for navigating through the complexity of impending changes.

As we forge into 2024, the significance of advocating for beneficial policies and preparing for legislative impacts on businesses cannot be overstated. We encourage all stakeholders to remain engaged, provide input on initiatives like the RCTC Draft Plan, and ensure their voices are heard on critical matters such as the upcoming Prop 1. Stay informed, stay involved, and let's continue building a resilient business community together.

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