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Accel Wireless

Accel Wireless


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We deliver fast, secure, and reliable high speed internet that is affordable, reliable, and fast.

What We Do:

  • We own our network: We do not rent copper wires from the phone company.
  • High Quality: We deliver high quality wireless broadband with installation at significantly lower prices.
  • Builds & Maintains: Accel Wireless builds and maintains its own wireless networks

We design, deploy, and operate our own wireless networks.

We provide public wireless Internet access as well as providing private wired and wireless network solutions for businesses and municipalities.

Our full service wireless capabilities and our world-class infrastructure allow us to offer a wide range of services that will satisfy your growing wired and wireless needs.

We’re Different – We Make Your Life Simpler

We know you want simple, secure, reliable, and affordable connectivity.  At Accel wireless, we deploy and maintain the wireless network so you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of broadband wireless Internet access without the hassles of other ISP’s.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from speeds as little as 1.5 megs to as high as 20 Mbps at this time on our residential and business plans.

Now you too can benefit from broadband wireless, just like the businesses, schools, hospitals, and cities that we’ve already connected.

You can also select from additional professional services for your business, like wireless hotspots, voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, IP PBX systems, we can also do private gigabit wired, wireless and fiber networks to support gigabit speeds or higher such as building to building.

Only the Best:

  • Eco Friendly Construction: Most all our tower sites use solar for power and eco friendly batteries.
  • The Newest Technology: Now upgrading to the latest 5G technology to be able to offer faster service to our customers.
  • High Quality Construction: We use the best materials and equipment manufacturers to build out our networks.

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