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Attan Recycling Corp.

Attan Recycling Corp.


Recycling/Trash Services


At Attan Recycling Corp we offer electronic and computer recycling to help you help the environment and we offer ewaste removal services for businesses, schools & hospitals. It is important for us all to do our part and instead of simply throwing away your old computer or electronics, they need to be properly disposed of. We offer the Next Day Service!. Hard Drive Removal & Destruction is one of our free services we offer. Give us a call to take care of your recycling needs!


We offer a broad range of Computer Recycling services to the greater Chino, CA area.Chino Computer Recycling, product & services include:
Computer recycling, electronics recycling. We accept computers, monitors, printers, plotters, laptops, TV's, stereos, cell phones, regular phones, phone systems, networking equipment, wire, cables, keyboards, mice, toner cartridges, copiers and more!


Our specialties include:
Properly disposing of and recycling computers and electronics 

Materials reclaimed from Recycled Computers

When a computer breaks, or when it becomes so old that it is obsolete, it can be hard to imagine that there is much use left for it. However,
that old computer has more to give. Recycling facilities can reclaim numerous materials that would otherwise be sent to the dump, where the potentially harmful materials can leach into our soil and waterways. Various different types of materials are used in the construction of computers, but most computers contain the basic recoverable materials. Recycling computer monitors can recover cathode ray tubes, glass, lead, and copper. Often, the glass from cathode ray tubes is sent to a lead smelter, where the lead is recovered, and the silica from the glass is consumed in the process. Computer casings contain several types of plastics, which can be melted down and reused to create new products. The melted plastic can also be used in place of coal as fuel for cement kilns used during the smelting process. Aside from the lead and copper found in computer monitors, there are several other metals that can be reclaimed from recycled computers. A typical computer also contains gold, iron, platinum, silver, zinc, aluminum, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, mercury, manganese, arsenic, antimony, palladium, and selenium

Wiping Your Computer's Hard Drive Before Recycling

Computers are one of the most commonly recycled electronics. A household computer can be rendered obsolete within a few years by ever-increasing hardware specifications for new software. Since many computers contain rare components that are difficult to mine, recycling has become a popular alternative to throwing away old computers. Many people who recycle their computers believe that they do not have to wipe their hard drives before turning their computers over to a recycling company. Since the computer will be broken down into its component parts, they think that all of the data on the hard disk will be safely destroyed. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Anyone who recycles a computer should wipe the hard drive before passing it along to a recycling company. During the recycling process, a computer may be passed along to several different people or companies. If you leave any sensitive data on a hard drive, you risk exposing that information to unknown viewers. Even if you remove all of your documents, you may forget to wipe your computer’s records of saved user names and passwords to your personal accounts. Completely wiping your hard drive will erase all of these records from your computer. In some cases, recyclers will sell refurbished computer components to people who want to build their own machines. This is an eco-friendly way of reusing computer parts, but it does come with certain risks. If your old hard drive is not wiped, the next buyer may have access to your data. A complete wipe of your old hard drive should remove this information in case the drive is resold 

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