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Big Fogg, Inc.

Big Fogg, Inc.


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Since 1993, Big Fogg™ has consistently provided quality misting systems and service to many high profile clients such as the NFL, NCAA Football and many other sports teams in various venues. If there are mist fans on the sideline of a football game or at other sporting events, they are probably Big Fogg fans. sex

Over the years, Big Fogg worked on every NFL sideline and most top NCAA football sidelines. These mist fans, radiant heaters and heating benches used by those teams were either purchased from Big Fogg or rented from them. Big Fogg has a notable list of sporting events for which it provided sideline equipment such as Mist Fans and Heated benches.

These include Super Bowls from 2001-2018, Pro Bowls from 2001-2019, AFC & NFC Championship games, NHL Winter Classic, World Cup Brazil 2014, Special Olympics in Los Angeles, NCAA Championship football series, PGA Championships, US Tennis Open, and X-Games. Big Fogg has supplied its cooling and misting systems for corporate parties, weddings, and many other gatherings that need “relief from the heat.”

Big Fogg is active in designing, building, and installing multiple commercials, industrial and residential projects across the country. Our company has installed its high-pressure misting systems, ventilation, and heating system in hundreds of locations across the country. In Southern California, Big Fogg has successfully completed hundreds of installations in restaurants, resorts, wineries, and residential homes. Over the last few years, Big Fogg has installed it’s 72″ overhead cooling fans at major destruction centers in Texas and Family Dollars warehouses in Florida.

Big Fogg restaurant misting systems are designed to enhance your restaurant patio atmosphere. These custom designed misting systems create a cooler atmosphere using high pressure misting during the hotter months of the year and can increase your capacity, and enhance your ambiance year-round. Help your customers have the best experience possible at your restaurant by making them comfortable and provide relief from the heat.

We’ve also installed humidification projects including Fender Guitar and Masonite. We install high pressure misting systems that keep humidification at specific levels so the product is not damaged. With our Big Fogg humidification misting systems, you’re in control, and the system can be “zoned” into different sections and controlled individually, allowing different humidity levels to be maintained in separate areas.

Our company has designed and installed dust and odor control systems throughout the country using the high pressure misting technology. Our custom misting systems are extremely useful in environments that need to control odor and dust, as well as potentially harmful gases such as methane or carbon dioxide. Misting systems, in addition to controlling dust or odor, are also very effective at controlling climate, which is a crucial part of efficient operations in a greenhouse. Other industries where misting systems are used to control odors are landfill/transfer stations, wastewater treatment plants, food processing facilities, and the petroleum industry.

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Outdoor Cooling USA

Our misting systems and mist fans are designed using processes that provide outdoor cooling while evaporating the moisture before it reaches the surface areas. Our misting systems and misting fans utilize a process called evaporative cooling and flash evaporation to cool without wetness. These patio misters are perfect for restaurants or outdoor cooling applications where keeping patron both cool and dry is essential.

Our experience and expertise in providing misting systems that reduce temperatures and control humidity levels in a cost-effective manner have resulted in cost benefits for our customers. Our creative approach to finding solutions for our customers’ requirements has made our American owned and operated company a leader in the misting system and mist fan, ventilation, outdoor cooling, outdoor heating, humidification, and factory cooling marketplace.

We design misting systems, mist fan systems, outdoor cooling, industrial cooling, industrial humidification along with dust control and outdoor heating systems to meet our clients’ needs. Call us and our engineers will design a misting system, industrial cooling, or outdoor cooling system that meets your needs and your budget.

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